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Originally Posted by Jesterhole View Post
Have a 2000 Ford Mustang and she's just about had it. Loved the car, and never had a problem, but don't want another mustang.

Looking for something 4 door but still sporty, manual, that sticks to the road and has instant acceleration.

Test drove a 2008 Audi A4 today and it was nice. 23.5K. Seemed like there was a delay between when I tried to speed up and when it actually kicked in, and I didn't like that. Other that that, I would be happy with it.

Going to drive some BMW 3's this week, and then try and decide. I'd like to stay under 40K, so that puts the A5's out of my reach unless I can find a steal. Don't want a convertible or a 2 door.

My friend has a Mazda Speed 3 hatchback that he really likes. I've ridden in it a bunch, but don't think a hatchback it my style.

Any suggestions?
I have close to 110k on my 2002 3 series BMW, I love the car and I am hoping to get 250k and another 12 years out of it. I don't need all those in dash GPS and DVD players I get enough enjoyment out of driving the car.

I did recently have to do some suspension maint on it as the bushings were worn in the front and the rear springs were cracked, the year before I put new Bilstein (sp?) shocks all the way around. My friend turned me on to his mechanic who is keeping his (my Friends) A4 running. The A4 has over 150k miles on it, he may be closer to 170k I can't remember.

I like the no maint (other than tires and gas) you get from the BMW dealer, I think VW's are the same. Plus I got a 15% savings card in the mail from the dealer which I used on some of the suspension fixes. I never expected to get a discount card on service for a BMW dealer esp on a car that is 9 years old. I hope it is still valid when the 120k service comes around, some things I have the independent guy do but there are things I feel better about the dealer doing and it would be nice to save a couple bucks when that service rolls around.

I did get to drive a new 325CXI(?) as a loner and I prefer my car, the interior is lame and looks cheaper than mine and I prefer the way mine handled. Plus the throttle response was way different than mine, it seemed to lag just like you said about the A4. Plus everything seemed so dependent on the electrical system and computer, to start the car you had to insert the fob, press the break then hit the start button. I wasn't impressed, maybe it is more difficult to hot wire that way? dunno. Over all I would look at the 2012 3 series options and pull the trigger again in a heartbeat.

I did put ceramic aftermarket breaks on it because the break dust on the front wheels was a pain to clean. You don't get the bite of the OEM pads but you don't get the dust and the pads and the rotors were way cheaper. I joined a good BMW forum and get part deals through them which I take to my indepent mech to install. I do my own tuneups via a Chilton book I get from the library when I need it and I have done other small fixes, plus with joining a BMW forum you get an idea of the small issues that do pop up for example my year model had an issue with the back tail light assembly but I found a fix to wire a ground and sourced the parts and did it all my self for around $20 plus 30 minutes of my time.

People that say owning a German luxury car is too expensive to maintain either haven't shopped around for tips/a good certified BMW independent mech/parts. Sure they get expensive once the warranty wears out and you rely on the dealer to fix everything but that is the same with any car that you take to a dealer. If you research the car, and see what other people encounter they last much longer. Mine still feels like it did the day I pulled it off the lot and I have no regret nor do I lust after the new models I am content to drive this baby another 8 years until my daughter needs a car and then I might get an 80's 7 series for myself.

Good luck!
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