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Matty P

Lot of subie misinformation here....

First off, the wrx's and sti's are extremely fast cars, but they have turbo lag. SO, if you want INSTANT low end torque, you're going to have to wait a second or two until the turbo kicks in. Obviously, if you have a manual, you can rev it up a bit before launch to remedy this problem, but that's what happens with a turbo. There are a ton of mods you can do (chipping isn't one of them), and some of them will reduce that lag, but unfortunately, they weren't built with a lot of low end torque. I will say, however, once the turbo spools you'll be flying by the competition.

As far as the wrx goes, that's not the one with the giant're thinking of the technically, you wouldn't be THAT guy. Even so, the newer models are a little more tasteful.

I just recently purchased a 2006 legacy 2.5 gt limited, and it's a really fun car. Basically the same 250 horse engine as the wrx, but it has a lot more creature comforts..kind of a "grown up" wrx.

Anywho, subaru's are an excellent choice in terms of reliability and resale, but test drive a couple to see if you can deal with the turbo lag. Remember, you'll be buying premium gas and getting >25 mpg if you can deal with that. Super fun cars.
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