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Originally Posted by 91BRONCO View Post
I have a great car for you- Infiniti G37 Sedan Sport with 6mt (7 speed auto available as well). Just go drive one. While it may not be the most luxurious it will definitely put a smile on your face without having to pay through your teeth. I might recommend a Lexus IS but they are pretty small and a manual may not be available with the bigger engine that you will surely want.

My 03 G35 6mt sedan is still running strong and fast as hell for a 4 door. Seriously, just go test drive one...

Edit- STI or an EVO are always fun but can be pretty small for 4 doors- the cars you are looking at are bigger so I don't know if either would work for you...
Totally agree, I have an 04 with the sports package. Love it. I am going to drive it until the wheels fall off.
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