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Originally Posted by Jesterhole View Post
Have a 2000 Ford Mustang and she's just about had it. Loved the car, and never had a problem, but don't want another mustang.

Looking for something 4 door but still sporty, manual, that sticks to the road and has instant acceleration.

Test drove a 2008 Audi A4 today and it was nice. 23.5K. Seemed like there was a delay between when I tried to speed up and when it actually kicked in, and I didn't like that. Other that that, I would be happy with it.

Going to drive some BMW 3's this week, and then try and decide. I'd like to stay under 40K, so that puts the A5's out of my reach unless I can find a steal. Don't want a convertible or a 2 door.

My friend has a Mazda Speed 3 hatchback that he really likes. I've ridden in it a bunch, but don't think a hatchback it my style.

Any suggestions?
I have a great car for you- Infiniti G37 Sedan Sport with 6mt (7 speed auto available as well). Just go drive one. While it may not be the most luxurious it will definitely put a smile on your face without having to pay through your teeth. I might recommend a Lexus IS but they are pretty small and a manual may not be available with the bigger engine that you will surely want.

My 03 G35 6mt sedan is still running strong and fast as hell for a 4 door. Seriously, just go test drive one...

Edit- STI or an EVO are always fun but can be pretty small for 4 doors- the cars you are looking at are bigger so I don't know if either would work for you...

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