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Originally Posted by McDman View Post
I think Ellis is one of the most over rated authors we have. I've read a couple of his books because everyone raves about him and I've yet to like one. American Psycho was nothing more than mediocre.
But did you think the movie was better than the book? I "liked" the movie but it certainly wasn't as good as the book. Impossible to even begin to convey everything that was in the book in the movie.

One of the best of examples of how things are lost in translation b/t books and movies are Stephen King novels. So much of his stories are often what goes on inside the character's heads. He writes what the characters are thinking in a very unique and powerful way. You just can't do that stuff on screen. It doesn't translate. American Psycho was similar in this respect. Doesn't mean the movies aren't "good", just that they can't do what the books do.
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