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Originally Posted by BroncsRule View Post
IMO, the Harry Potter series is a prime example where the movies live up to, and in some ways surpass, the sourse material. Because from book 3 on, Rowling was writing the novels with an eye to how the scenes would play out on screen. So she was creating a product that would transport very readily.

See im the opposite. I read all the harry potters. I loved them. I loved the movies too. The movies are great and I agree they did a great job. But I still can not see how any one of those movies is even close to being better than the book it correlates to. The movies while very well done do not go into near the detail and leave out a lot of things the book contains. But different strokes for different folks.

As long as we can have a discussion about which is better the show game of thrones or the books..I will be happy because both must be pretty damn awesome!
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