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C.J Anderson

Book Spoilers for all the books. If you haven't read them, don't read this. {
Okay, after a re-read to get ready for a Dance of Dragons, after also watching the new series. It was interesting to see the minor changes - a certain member of the Brotherhood without Banners croaks way earlier, while Aemon tells Jon Snow his story, rathern the Mormont, and much earlier. Outside of that, and outside of a whole bunch of NC-17isms (which are fairly pointless, outside of the Jamie/Cersei scene), I think they really did a great job holding true to the series.

During the re-read, it was interesting what you notice that you missed before. After a re-read the evidence is pretty much overwhelming that Jon Snow is, in fact the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Is the vision that Dany has of Rhaegar Rhaegar and Lyanna, or his "true" wife? Not sure we know, but one way or another, the story is Jon's.

Dany is definitely Azor Ahai, but that's obvious the first time Melissindra starts babbling about dragons.

Anyways, only a Feast for Crows left for me to read, then on to the new book.

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