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David Bruton

Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Which I'm actually excited for. I hate the idea of a lockout, but I'm excited for the aftermath of when the players break (and they will). There needs to be a hard cap, among other things.

It sucks that it happens after one of the best seasons in a while, but it needs to happen.
And they need to address players trying to get together and have super league teams ala Miami.

It's fine if you are a big market (LA, NY, Chi) or attractive destination (Miami, Phoenix) but that some sh*t that will kill the league.

I don't begrudge the players the money, if someone is dumb enough to give the max to an Andrei Kirilenko, or make Rashard Lewis the highest paid player in the league, then I would take it and run just like they did. But that hard cap needs to be there to keep it somewhat competitive.

I'd rather follow a league that has a chance of 15 different teams at any given time being a threat to win it all than one that has 4 super teams and 25 also ran's.
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