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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
I know people listed their fav characters but I do not know all the names yet. Here are mine:

1. the imp midget- dude cracks me up-by far my fav. -Tyrion Lannister
2. the snow? boy with the wolf that became a night watcher -Jon Snow
3. the half bro or friend of the new king of the north-whose father faught in the rebellion, he also saved the kid who got pushed out the window with his bow and arrow- that guy -Theon Greyjoy
4. Khaleesi- cuz she is badass, i bet she is the ultimate badass and super hot to go with it. -Daenerys Targaryen
5. Aya- cuz she is a little badass too. Stabbing fat kids and all. -Arya Stark
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