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This is the reason why I am not reading the books. Maybe after the shows are completely done.

But when, ever in the history of film and books has the movie ever come close to the novel?

Answer- NEVER. The book is 100% always better. Everytime.

So of course, you are not going to like it as much because you were able to use your imagination and get so much more indepth focus and details from the book. Its just the way it.

For me personally as one who originally had no intention of ever watching the show. I think it is quite possibly the best show I have ever seen on TV as far as series or anything else goes. They done censer as much, its vulger at times with words, and tons of nudity, and just the brashness each person envokes. It actually makes you feel like you are living in those times and not watching a movie about those times....Like lord of the rings- felt like I was watching a movie of those times, this series I feel like I am IN those times because it is so much more real. (to me anyhow)

I know people listed their fav characters but I do not know all the names yet. Here are mine:

1. the imp midget- dude cracks me up-by far my fav.
2. the snow? boy with the wolf that became a night watcher
3. the half bro or friend of the new king of the north-whose father faught in the rebellion, he also saved the kid who got pushed out the window with his bow and arrow- that guy
4. Khaleesi- cuz she is badass, i bet she is the ultimate badass and super hot to go with it.
5. Aya- cuz she is a little badass too. Stabbing fat kids and all.
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