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Originally Posted by Jesterhole View Post
I don't see how people who don't read the books would enjoy the show. There is too much missing information. The larger plot hasn't even been hinted at yet, the three eyed crow and Hodor are an afterthought. Shae's character is all wrong. In fact, the only one that I'm impressed with so far is Dany. The rest aren't nearly as interesting as their book counterparts.

Tyrion still steals the show, and you don't even get to hear all the hilarous inner dialogue he has during his chapters. Such a waste...
I'm hoping the next season they won't treat it like a miniseries and limit it to 10 episodes., it needs to be around 20. If that happens then they can do the series justice and go inm depth.

I have a feeling they weren't sure that it was going to get picked up for a second season so they limited the first.
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