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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post

Hogan, I'm just a Caveman ....
Your world frightens and confuses me.
Seriously though, Robert Pollard is one of the most important indie figures of our time. He single handedly deflates the tired, sterile, stodgy, pompous, pretentious music world with each of his low fi, DIY projects. Not to mention, he's probably the most prolific guy out there on the scene today, releasing several albums per year.

Be it Guided By Voices, Boston Spaceships, Circus Devils, his own solo career, , The guy really hasen't released anything not worthy of hearing. Who else can say such a thing since 1983? A: Nobody.

He's the Man, period. A true DIY hero and a continuing breath of fresh air in a stale, manufactured, hack dominated era of music.

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