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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Whew. Just finished all ten episode in the last few days. I was skeptical. No longer skeptical! Sorry if it's already been said, are they about where the first book ended? Are HBO's plans to keep up with each book he writes as long as they can or cut it off with their own story arc?

Series 1 covers all the major elements of book 1. The Dany stuff at the end is the last chapter.

There are two problems with the series finishing the story and following the books in a book=season manner:

a.) The books get more and more complex and long as the series progresses (book 3 is 1200 pages).

a2.) Book 4 and 5 are the same book (which will total in at over 2,000 pages), just split into two volumes with each volume dealing with half the characters (split up in book4 = Westeros, book5 = the wall and across the narrow sea).

b.) Martin has been slow to publish -- the gap between book 4 and five was 6 years. He plans, I think, two more (though it was originally supposed to be a trilogy so who the hell knows), so he has a lot less than 6 years to fart around with each... and if it's 6 years or more each it will be damn hard to believe Jon, Bran Sansa, Arya et al. are children and young teens (even with hollywood suspension of disbelief!) =P Granted, it seems pretty clear he was distracted with this series and/or book5 has been finished a long time and being released at "maximum hype time".

So... I have no answer but there ya have it =P
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