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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Get used to everyone being "in transition". There's no "knight shining saves the beautiful princess from the tower and they all live happily ever after" -- because instead of "happily ever after" either the knight or the princess die a brutal death shortly after being married which sets up the next bit of story. =)

I dont have any problems with this. I look forward to it.

While ending anything with a sequel in mind you do want the readers to be on the hook to see whats happeneing next. Which this one did. (little girl boy going off to slave camps or wherever, night watchers ride beyond the wall, stark advances-king of the north, little redhead daughter gets about ready to throw little king off bridge.)

All of that is great, but it was just diologue. Had it had more of what you said of brutal deaths and whatever it would have been better. IMO there is supposed to be a bunch of Action or preclusion's to what is upcoming. Give me a taste of what aya is going. Like we got a taste with Khaleesi- we now know whats happening there and can get excited to see where it plays out.

But the just talking between the fat unich and skinny guy the whole time, or the mom hitting landestor in the face with a rock was not enough. I dont mind that stuff, but I think it could have, perhaps should have been its own episode and then finished off with all the plots coming together. Or like I said perhaps an 1.5 hour finale. But, it is what it is, I would have preferred more but I still cant wait for the next season-whenever that is.
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