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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Meh, I don't have a problem with that portion of the finale... more the lack of... well... anything else?

What else happened? (also spoiler protecting here) :

Jon left and came back immediately
Arya got a haircut
Geoffrey is still Geoffrey
Cat smacked Jaime

Color me disappointed.

Huge fan of the series now and will have all the books read by season two, but still really disappointed with this finale.
{ I agree, the finale was by far the weakest. They rearranged and vastly cut all the portions after Ned's exection. At least a couple hundred pages that were after that even got cut what little survived (mostly the bits about Jaime's capture and the fighting surrounding that) got moved to "before" Ned's execution instead of after. They really should have done 12 episodes with the pacing they had.


The basic problem is GRRM never "ends" any of the books. He just more or less arbitrarily chopped the story into books. He even admits it in his forwards/afterwards heh.
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