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Casey Kreiter

Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Edit: all hidden in case anyone is silly enough to visit forums before watching an episode.

{ The end with Danerys was, stylistically much different from the end of the book. In the book it's made clear that she didn't intend to walk into the pyre but was compelled to do so - also in the book she emerges from the flames with the dragons rather than just kinda hangin' out till the next day when the fire burns out. It was actually fairly disappointing but understandable due to the complexity/expense to do that in a TV series.

Also: In the book there's some serious squick factor as the dragons are nursing from her post-pardum breasts as she emerges. She later referred to as the "Mother Of Dragons" more or less specially because of that. As to why the hell dragons are nursing.. go figure

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