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Rubin Carter

Originally Posted by McDman View Post
Dude, finish the books. There are three more coming out so you will have a bunch of time after this next one comes out.
heh heh heh, I know, I know...and I will. Next week. I read book 1 in a day and a half (flying to Phoenix from Atlanta to my folks), book 2 in a week (at my folks), and half of book three (returning from my folks) in fairly short order. I only stopped as I didn't want to further cloud my view of the show with what I already knew was coming (it started the Sunday before I got home). I'll knock out three on Monday night, and cruise through 4 on Tues/Wed of next week. I've got 5 on preorder with Amazon, so it will get shredded in short order next month. I eat books constantly. Also looking forward to Daniel Sylvia's new Gabriel novel, and hoping for a new Glen Cook book soon as well.
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