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I am pretty upset with myself.

I saw all the hype for this show. But I never watched it because I thought it was about a video game. Anyway- 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine made a facebook thing about how it is one of the best series on tv....

So I watched an episode. Liked it. Watched the one that just happened 3 days ago and now I am hooked. I am just super pissed at myself because I missed all of those episodes before hand.

Aside from some bigger name actors- like sean bean and such. There are a lot of people I recognize from other shows. I like that especially if they did a good job. One I remember was Ronin from stargate atlantis. I like him. And the Khaleesi-is so effing hot!!!!!

I feel way behind the 8ball, but if there are books on it and as good as you guys claim I will be checking those out for sure!
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