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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Is Jew hating the common thread between them all?

You are confused. You are confusing Judaism and Zionism. These are very different things. Not at all the same.

Judaism is one of the world's great religions.

Zionism is one of the greatest scourges on the planet -- a form of colonialism --on a par with what the British did to India, and what France did to Algeria and Viet Nam. On a par with the US devastation of the Philippines -- and, more recently, Iraq.

Zionism's treatment of the Palestinians is also comparable to what our forebears did to the Native Americans. The Zionist motto could have been lifted straight from the trail of tears: The only good A-rab is a dead A-rab.

Your posts show you for what you are -- a white racist with major serious issues -- around arrogance and megalomania.

As long as black foohab players perform on the field for their white masters they are tolerable in your book. But if/when people of color get a too uppety -- for example -- if they start demanding their God given rights -- then the sadistic barbarian in you comes to the fore. At that point you sanction shock and awe -- maximum pain and trauma.

Naturally, you identify with the Zionists. It's who you are: a sadistic white racist.
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