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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Artificial Structure on Mars

This time the evidence looks to be incontrovertible.

This footage appears to show a a space station of some kind on the surface of Mars. How did this footage come to be released? Good question. I do not know -- but sometimes there is slippage. From time to time, bona fide hard evidence does get past the official censors. This happens by accident -- or via intentional leakage.

This footage supports what I and others have been saying. The US has a secret space program -- probably militarized -- using advanced technologies.

These no doubt include space propulsion systems that make NASA's redstone rockets and the shuttle look like antiques. This would also explain why NASA has never unveiled a replacement for the shuttle. It exists but is top secret.

It would appear that NASA has been making regular secret trips to Mars -- and probably has been doing so for years.

OK. Let the chorus of ridicule begin!

Oh ... thats the 7-11 and Radio Shack with a Starbucks on the end that got teleported from the corner of Crenshaw Avenue two Aprils ago... Was wondering where the Hell that went
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