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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Unless I am not the average fan then that strategy will fail hard, I have no intention of watching a sport that does not feature the highest possible level of play that is achievable. That is the reason I watch Formula 1 and not nascar, the reason I watch the NFL not UFL, the reason I watch NHL not USHL, the reason I watch champions league and not MLS.

I don't give a **** if the Broncos are competitive or not compared to the other teams (they weren't this last season and I still watched), I care if the Broncos are the best team they can be and unfortunately they couldn't be better than **** last season, but if a situation arises with Peyton Manning, Steven Jackson, Patrick Willis and the rest of them are free agents and the Broncos go and sign Ken Dorsey, Tatum Bell and Niko Kouvides as starters then I will drop that **** like its hot, regardless of what the other 31 teams are doing - I will not be short changed.
Do you follow any NCAA sports?
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