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Simon Fletcher

I only came to this thread once and made a small comment and ran off so I didnt read any others but I have a question from your original post. Here is the "test"

1. Which country has a higher crime rate per 1,000 residents?
a. Mexico, b. Germany, c. Canada, d. U.S.
2. Which country has the highest murders with firearms?
a. Mexico, b. El Salvador, c. U.S.
3. Of the following countries, which has the least number of drug offenses?
a. Germany, b. United Kingdom, c. Canada, d. Switzerland, e. Mexico
4. Which country has the most prisoners?
a. United States, b. China, c. Russia, d. India, e. Mexico
(Answers: 1. d. U.S., 2. c. U.S., 3. e. Mexico, 4. a. U.S.- Source:

It states residents instead of Citizens. Many of the crime being committed is from illegals and the mass majority of illegals hail from Mexico so isn't this "test" a bit sqewed? 25% to 33% of those in LA jails are illegals. Drug gangs in the US are connected to the drug cartels in Mexico. I would like to see a report of that test using citizens instead of residents. I know you might be starting this thread based on "safest place to visit" and that doesn't matter if someone is going to commit a crime is legal or not but it would show if the illegal alien problem could solve the bad element problem we have in the US (which I am certain it would). To stay on track with "safest places to visit" , maybe have a report of places spring breakers visit in the US and in other countries. Only bring this up because the "test" has this mentioned of spring break kids in the article.
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