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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
And Odysseus...The fishing sucks in Baja. They've ruined it. Go to Costa Rica or somewhere in the states.

Some good insight to the reality of the tourism down there. It's bleak.
Fishing sucks? Oh well forget it then!

Go to and tell me what you think about owning a boat. I know. I know. Boats are expensive but screw that. What if I don't have to take care of it .....completely?

The cops, just like politicians, are criminals anywhere you go in the world. I am used to corrupt cops. If you've spent any time in an urban area anywhere in America you can't ignore the simliarities. I am sure 10 minutes in that place I will be able to sort that out.

I moved from Denver to get away from an environment that was becoming too violent. I know the irony but, as they say, there it is. I like peace. I have seen enough blood, death, carnage, and violence to last a lifetime. Where I live needs to be damn near monastical.
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