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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I still say the big sticking point is the players will have to concede to a "giveback", and that is very, very, very hard to concede from the player's perspective. So I see the players' position in this. It's that whole giveback thing that sticks in their craw.

The big deal right now is the league-wide "giveback" of apx. $300 million per contract year - from the players to the owners.

But, and it's an important point, that giveback is only apx. $9.375 million per team per contract year.

I look at those $$$$ numbers and it's pretty clear to me the players are shafting everybody in this dispute.

$9.375 million per team per contract year with a 53-man roster is $177k per player per contract year. That's not gonna impact the lower-level guys, there will still be a minimum guaranteed salary for each year of service.

The sole impact on players will be on the higher salary players, and even then it will be a low impact percentage-wise on their overall salary.

The players are being offered a very fair deal, and in the interest of continuity they should take it. The nature of contracts like these is there is always the next contract to try and make up some differences, and it's very important in contract negotiations to consider the continuity aspect.
The players have no responsibility to consider continuity, in fact if the player reps consider continuity over the best interest of the players they would be wildly incompetent to the point where they could be legally liable for damages.

Another way to consider the giveback is that about 50% of a roster will give back little or nothing unless the NFL is able to reduce the minimum salaries, in which case the entire giveback (about 7% of total salaries) will be shouldered by half the league or less, that will mean an average of about 10% reduction in salaries for a league that is by all indications not only profitable but may be one of the most profitable pro sports in the world.

It is sad to see, but it comes down to love of the game, and the majority of the current owners do not have it. European soccer club owners post 10s or 100s of millions of dollars and some even billions of dollars into their teams in the pursuit of a championship, not in pursuit of profit - NFL owners on the other hand are taking the game hostage to turn a bigger profit.
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