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Originally Posted by mkporter View Post
They certainly could, but it would fundamentally change the landscape of the game. Baseball is less of a cartel, and baseball has some competitive problems. I think European soccer is even less of of a cartel system, and again there are some competitive problems, but their system of promotion is pretty interesting, and certainly is a mechanism to maintain a certain level of competitiveness. (My knowledge of euro-soccer is pretty weak, they may operate in a much more capitalist system, I don't really know)

If you wanted to get rid of the anti-trust issues, and still maintain control that allowed for some of the rules which enhance competition, you could incorporate your league as a single entity with 32 shareholders. But then ownership is an entirely different venture.

If you wanted individual ownership, you could have a setup where anyone could own a team, and there could be any number of teams. Players are a all free agents, allowed to sign contracts with any team they wanted, for as much money as they could get, with whatever terms they agreed to.

Matches could be arranged between teams, third party organizations could contract with teams to compete in tournaments, and you'd probably have some structures that would develop organically from this. It would certainly be interesting to see here in the US, but I'd rather not see it with football..
Thanks for your take. I'm pretty sure we all agree that it would be a massive change.
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