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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The team, every player. I am not spending a damn cent watching a team of shirtfillers sent out there because they are cheap. If I ever, and I think a lot of people will agree here, get the sense that Bowlen or a future owner is deliberately putting out a sub-par product to save money then I will withdraw all support. Just like I would have done had I been a New York Islander fan, Wang is deliberately sending out a team that is less good than it could be to save money, and as a fan I would not accept that, the same way I would not watch reruns of friends on pay-per-view.
The problem with your comparison is that you assume Bowlen puts out the 'B team' while the other 31 teams keep the same players. The Broncos couldn't be competitive in that scenario. That's not the correct comparison.

If the current 1500 players were to simply walk away, the NFL would continue to be profitable. Every team would fill their roster with the best players available. The average fan couldn't tell the difference.
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