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Originally Posted by Missouribronc View Post
The owners have a lot of leverage in this situation because the players gave them a lot of leverage in the last CBA. I'm sure the players now realize this because of all the public pleas and cries of "just let us play."

Frankly, negotiating might have been a much better route. Why? Because if the judge in St. Louis rules for the owners next week, the players might get raked over the coals. He's been known to be a pro-business, which means a likely ruling for the owners, and then the players are left with a lockout and forced negotiations in a situation where the owners will get their money and the players won't unless they follow the rules the owners want.

They had their chance to give in only a little, but they chose to try and get all they could by going to the courts, and it could completely backfire on them.

Like I said above, had they given in some on the money off the top to the owners, let's say $400 mil instead of $1 bil, and said that half of the money saved in a rookie salary cap goes to the players and half to the owners, and then stayed strong on the current 16-game schedule, I think the owners would have agreed to that, and we'd be getting ready for the season with OTAs.

But the players wouldn't do that. They decertified and now we've got this mess.
From what "experts" are saying, there will be very little chance the owners lose the ruling next week.
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