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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by DrFate View Post
That's a misguided comparison. Fans of the 'Denver Broncos' would still root for the Denver Broncos (and buy tickets. tshirts, watch games on TV, etc.)

I ask you - which player on this current roster would be 'the guy' - such that when he walks away (retirement, traded, free agent) the franchise will have to close up shop?
The team, every player. I am not spending a damn cent watching a team of shirtfillers sent out there because they are cheap. If I ever, and I think a lot of people will agree here, get the sense that Bowlen or a future owner is deliberately putting out a sub-par product to save money then I will withdraw all support. Just like I would have done had I been a New York Islander fan, Wang is deliberately sending out a team that is less good than it could be to save money, and as a fan I would not accept that, the same way I would not watch reruns of friends on pay-per-view.

Would you watch a Broncos team starring Maurice Clarrett and Marcus Vick? they are both available.
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