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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
For me...the owners own the business. It belongs to them, if the players don't like it...go do something else. Go be Anne Frank or something.
This is the pro-owner viewpoint that I least understand. Have you noticed that it doesn't really matter how awful an owner is, they still make crap loads of money? Dan Snyder? Have you thought to ask yourself why this is?

The primary answer is that NFL teams are allowed to operate in a legal cartel. They can engage in all kinds of anti-competitive practices (the draft, franchise tags, revenue sharing, salary caps, collective bargaining for TV rights, etc) which both enhance the quality of their product, and ensure that competition is nearly impossible. There are laws against these kind of practices that most every other company has to abide by. How is the NFL able to operate in such a manner? The answer is that PLAYERS have agreed to it, via their union and a collectively bargained agreement. In exchange, they get other considerations (minimum salaries, salary floors, free agency, etc). The success of the league is due to this partnership.

If the owners don't like the business that are in, they can sell it to someone else. Absolutely no one will care.

That said, I don't feel sorry for either side. Both sides have repeatedly operated in bad faith, and either side has the capability to kill the golden goose. The players need to get serious about negotiating, as the owners are at least pretending at this point.
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