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He be gone..

Originally Posted by DrFate View Post
Perfectly phrased. Basketball programs are often looking at their stars for a single year - yet March Madness is still a golden goose.

In truth, many fans would be happier rooting for some guy busting his ass every play than these millionaire primadonnas anyway.
Yea, my typo aside, while I'm not a big NCAA guy, I know that in many, many cities and states the fans are FAR more avid for the college teams than the pros. Very large stadiums always sold out.

I know these aren't apples to apples, because the fans feel pride in the state/city school, and typically follow them in multiple sports, but the point is that their product on the field/court constantly rotates, but the fans still love it and pay for it.

So, I'm not saying starts don't matter at all, but I don't think they matter as much as some claim. The product is the entertainment we get watching the players. Most of us have seen the roster turn over many, many times. Sometimes the teams have been good, sometimes bad (Broncos more good than bad, most other teams not so much).
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