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Originally Posted by baja View Post
A favorite trick here is the drug cartels steal a gringo's light plane parked at some lonely airstrip in rural Mexico fly the drugs to the Atizona dessert and burn the plane when unloaded.


A friend told me a story that happened to a friend of his. The uy had just flown to his paradise home on a lonely beach somewhere in Baja Sur. There was a landing strip nearby the cluster of homes. the guy was awakened by the sound of a plane one night and commented to his wife, "That sounds like my plane". Sure enough he went out just in time to see his plane taking off. He figured the people he filed his flight plan with tipped of the drug cartel and they stole the plane. The drug cartels have so much money that is a poor country like Mexico they are almost impossible to stop. Currently the government is using the military to combat.

The drug cartels are a huge problem here never said they were not but to say all of Mexico is unsafe is just not true.
I am not saying that Mexico as whole is unsafe, but there are certain areas that are reaching level of violence and corruption that they are boarding on failed state status. Hopefully there is Colombia style correction to get the country better.
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