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Originally Posted by DrFate View Post
This has been addressed. NFL players come and go. The Broncos have been through a half-dozen QBs since #7 retired and they still sell tickets. The franchises are 'the product'. Take the names off the jerseys and the majority of the folks in the stands can't tell the difference.

And if Drew Brees gets in front of a microphone again and talks about how 'all the players want to do is play', I'm putting my foot through my TV. The players walked away from negotiations and put this in the courts. If Demaurice Smith wanted to play, he'd be at the table RIGHT NOW.

They still hope to litigate their way to success. At least the lawyers are doing well...
Youre missing the point. Im not talking about the individual player, im talking about the player as a whole. No matter what, football needs PLAYERS to play. the player is the product.
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