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He be gone..

Originally Posted by DrFate View Post
And if Drew Brees gets in front of a microphone again and talks about how 'all the players want to do is play', I'm putting my foot through my TV. The players walked away from negotiations and put this in the courts. If Demaurice Smith wanted to play, he'd be at the table RIGHT NOW.

They still hope to litigate their way to success. At least the lawyers are doing well...
Speaking of De Smith:

Smith, however, insists that he has embraced decertification as an enduring state of existence, much in the same way that Upshaw did in the early ’90s before – at the NFL’s insistence – he agreed to re-form the union. In an interview with Y! Sports earlier this month, Smith revealed that he envisions navigating the NFLPA through a union-free future, even after a possible settlement of the Brady et al antitrust lawsuit and a new contractual agreement between players and owners.

“I’ve come full circle,” Smith said as he sat in a downtown Bethesda plaza, a few miles from the NFLPA’s Washington D.C. headquarters, on a sunny spring morning. “When I went into this, my attitude was that the only way you have power is collectively, and I believed in unions as vehicles for employees asserting their rights. But looking back on what Gene experienced and understanding this particular situation, I’ve now come to appreciate the value of decertification in our particular circumstance. And I don’t see why we’d want to go back to being a union.”

Basically, it goes on to say that Smith wants the players to have their cake and eat it too. He wants them to remain decertified to get anti-trust protection, and while there would be no true CBA, he also wants the players to get the protections they have always gotten from a CBA in terms of suspensions, caps, floors, etc.
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