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Default No victims

People need to quit referring to us fans as victims. We are far from being victims. We like to sit around and complain about the cost of the games, the beer, the hot dogs, etc yet we are the ones who ultimately determine how much they are. Sure we don't directly set the price but as long as people will pay $12 for a beer football teams are going to charge $12 a beer and more if they can.

The owners of the teams did not invest in the team in order to give us fans something to do on a Sunday afternoon. They bought the team to make money and they have every right to make as much as they can. The same goes for the players they have put in countless hours of training and preparation to master their craft and they are entitles to make as much as they can pursued the owners to give them. As fans we work hard for our money and only give it to the owners because we value the entertainment that we receive more than we value the money. (The one exception to this is when owners ask tax payers to pay for their stadiums. We as fans still bear a lot of the blame because we allow them to get away with it but that still doesn't excuse the owner for taking tax payer money to fund their private business.)

As fans we may not have a direct vote in these negotiations but we have the most powerful voice of all... we can vote with our feet. If we are not willing to give up something as simple as entertainment then we have no right to complain about the price of that entertainment.
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