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Lombardi III

I agree with ya TNED.

The players are blaming the owners for bringing it here because they opted out, but if you didnt want to give them that option, then why did you negotiate it into the CBA?

The right to opt out after a couple of years, was a negotiating factor in getting the last CBA done.

The owners said they didnt like the model, didnt think it would work, and the union said, "Hey, try it out for a couple of years, and if it doesnt work for ya, lets write in the option to opt out and renegotiate after two about that?"

The league agreed, and they tried for a few years, and then we opted out.......WHICH, btw, included going another two years under that same agreement.

The owners had every right to ask to renegotiate.

Now..............who is NOT willing to renegotiate?

The players are saying show us the books.


Show me your stadium.

No way an EMPLOYEE of mine tells me that I gotta show em the books.

The worst thing the NFL did, was call the players 'partners'.

They are NOT partners.

They are workers, and they are perishable workers at that, with short lived careers.

It is NOT the players 'RIGHT' to play football for a living....but you are perfectly free to do so anywhere else.

The NFL is THE football market, and if you want to make money, you play here.

If you dont want to play here, may I suggest the Canadien football league?

The Arena football league?


Or how about flippin burgers at Burger King?

FIRE THE AGITATOR and INSTIGATOR that is named D. Smith, and get a real leader in there for the ignorant players.

All these players will be gone soon, and the next group of heros in the league will step Von Miller.

The Broncos to me are whomever is wearing the jersey.

Once you take it off.......goodbye.

MAKE an OFFER players, or get frozen out.

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