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He be gone..

Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
The owners had decided to lock out the players long before the players even had a vote amongst themselves whether to decertify or not. decertifying was in reaction to the pending lock out. not the other way around.
there's no evidence to suggest that owners have been negotiating in good faith.
BTW, locking out the players is not conducive to healthy bargaining either.
Apparently you didn't follow any news or player/player rep comments from the time the owners opted out until the 2010 season started. It was very clear that in the early stages that the players believed they had massive leverage heading into the 2010 season, because they were under the impression (massively wrong) that the owners feared an uncapped season, because they feared a bidding war.

To act like the players were working hard to get a new CBA and the owners locked them out, is either disingenuous, uninformed or naive.
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