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Forget Mexico. If you haven't been to Costa Rica yet do yourself a favor. There is some petty theft going on in Jan Jose but no drug war going on like Mexico.

You can enjoy both beaches Carribean and Pacific in the same trip! They are just a quick cheep flight away. Costa Rica is small but the majority of it is public lands! Amazing wildlife, lovely people, abundant fishing (they haven't over fished it like baja), hot springs that will blow you away (See Tobacon). I could go on and on. Heck Costa Rica doesn't even have an army.

Forget the war zone in Mexico. Those son of a b****es will knock you over the head for 10 bucks. The little thieves have been doing that for decades. If it's not the thieves that get you the damn police will jack you!

Do yourselves and your families a favor. Head to Costa Rica! Yah man!
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