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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Was that an old post? Not sure how I stumbled upon it.

Out of character for George maybe, but that's a damn good video for its time. Judges' gavel banging his head in rhythm, court reporter typing on a Fender Rhodes. If by 'Beatle-esque' you mean fast-motion Benny Hill-type slapstick stuff, yeah I see that influence. At least there's a method to that kind of stuff though, at least they didn't go 'Every Little Thing' stupid.

The word 'trivia' - from the Latin 'trivis,' meaning knowledge - my knowledge of that video is that it was shot in the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse at 111 N. Hill Street ... that's either Department 3 or 4 with the squared wall tiles ... their dull oak finish fairly crying out for Liquid Gold as they always have.

Whadd'ya mean by "mean streak"?
It's a great song & video...but it is a mean spirited slap at the whole trial affair (I understand the bitterness, he lost afterall). Check out the vid may be supposing a little too much, but I find it interesting that he rarely smiles (which is unlike him in these things) and the look in his eyes conveys the whole thing perfectly....the guy is pissed. It didn't happen very often with him, but every once in a great while, he would break character and lash he did here.

For someone who's material spent much time in his post-Beatles solo career being preachy, sanctimonious and ultimately dull, this is almost a total 180 in terms of attitude and subject matter. It's one of the reasons why, I believe anyways, it remains a highlight of his solo career.

I don't know anything about the vid setting know that courtroom? Did you practice there at one time or were you arraigned on some charges there or something?
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