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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Now there's an oldie....when was that post from? 2004?, 2005 maybe?

1) The pious holy man had a definite mean streak when riled

Outside of the Beatlesque humor of the clip, the whole thing is quite out of character for him and it's very interesting as a result.

Was that an old post? Not sure how I stumbled upon it.

Out of character for George maybe, but that's a damn good video for its time. Judges' gavel banging his head in rhythm, court reporter typing on a Fender Rhodes. If by 'Beatle-esque' you mean fast-motion Benny Hill-type slapstick stuff, yeah I see that influence. At least there's a method to that kind of stuff though, at least they didn't go 'Every Little Thing' stupid.

The word 'trivia' - from the Latin 'trivis,' meaning knowledge - my knowledge of that video is that it was shot in the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse at 111 N. Hill Street ... that's either Department 3 or 4 with the squared wall tiles ... their dull oak finish fairly crying out for Liquid Gold as they always have.

Whadd'ya mean by "mean streak"?
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