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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
He might be telling the truth on that account (although it would be sort of a douche move to go public with it.)

BTW, have you seen this film? Sort of hard to watch, but enlightening nonetheless.

Straight to my Netflix Queue, thanks ... it's just a couple years old, how'd I miss it?

I'm sure you're right, Paul is probably accurate about their various inputs into one anothers' songs. And yes he is a douche to say it in public - not to mention insane to even think of altering the Lennon-McCartney songwriter credit - but it's more than that. When you read his retellings of each set of circumstances in which he helped John out, it's always something along the lines, "John was feeling very insecure about the bridge on (song), so I gave him a chord or two, nudged him until he went the right direction." So smarmy and patronizing the way he approached it, it didn't seem he really liked John much.

As I read it I kept flashing back to that galactically inappropriate quote he gave a reporter the night John died
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