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Chris Harris

Ive been on the owners side from the beginning.

Throw out the rich comment, and disregard the fact that fans are the losers in this, both are true and neither is relevant.

Look at this objectively.

You are a hard working entrepeneur who spent many years of 18 hour days busting your ass to grow your business. Now you have a successful business and your employee's - who you pay far above the median income in this country and who have excessive benefits most people never see - are demanding a bigger share of your profits from the business YOU built.

Now I know that, in large part, owners didn't build their teams, they bought them and bought into a system. However, these rich ass owners did work hard and make a buttload of cash to buy into an investment which, is their right to try and maximize.

Players are, in effect, employees and they are extremely well compensated. Extremely well. Even the minimum wage of these employee's is far in excess of the average median income in the United States (behind just under 40K a year). If the Rookie Minimum is 300K a year as someone said, then rookies who are at the lower end of the pile are still making roughly 7.5 annual salaries of the median income in this country. Rookies that go on to work for 8 years in the NFL never making above the minimum will make about 600K a year or 4.8 million dollars.

The average person will not make 4.8 million dollars in their life time and the average dual income family it would take 60 years to make what the worst NFL player who managed to stay in the league for 8 years would make.

Do the owners make a crapload of money? Yes, but I bet the owner of the company you work for makes a crapload more than you too. Thats how the system works.
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