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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Agree all the way round, though a little Leonard Cohen goes a long way.

Harrison could definitely write a hook. Sad to say, his legal team's work on the 'He's So Fine/My Sweet Lord' lawsuit is taught in law schools as a cautionary tale ... moral of the story is to leave intellectual property law, or any specialized law, to the specialists. He got shafted.
Now there's an oldie....when was that post from? 2004?, 2005 maybe?

In any event, IMHO Harrison's "He's So Fine/My Sweet Lord" lawsuit showed the public two things about him:

1) The pious holy man had a definite mean streak when riled

2) He could write some of his very best material when in such a state of mind (in this case, that would be the excellent "This Song" from his "33 1/3" album, which, along with "Crackerbox Palace" are about the only songs to recommend off from it).

Here, check it out Embedding disabled....Boooo.

Outside of the Beatlesque humor of the clip, the whole thing is quite out of character for him and it's very interesting as a result.
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