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TJ Ward

I don't believe people are defending the players for the reasons stated in the opening post, at least I'm not. I'm not defending either side. To me, with the amount of money being discussed, it's greed vs greed. My problem with the owners is they've known they were going to do this for 2 years. Don't tell me they didn't. The arrangements they made for this whole thing, with the TV deals and insurance, says that. They couldn't have ironed and fought over this long before this? To me this whole thing is a power play. Hey, we know they are the owners, no need for it.

The players, on the other hand, should realize who butters their bread. I don't believe givng up what wasn't theirs to begin with (yes I know it was in the CBA, but the Lord giveth and he taketh away) will hurt any of them in the long run. Their biggest mistake is Smith. He doesn't seem to have a clue except to pound his chest and attempt to play hard ball. Almost as if he drags this out as long as possible he's thinking how well he can line his own pocket. If the owners prevail it could now be worse than if they had merely accepted the deal. I doubt any of them would have starved had they done this.

Yes, it is the fans that will pay for this whole thing. They will pay with higher prices across the board for money lost in this whole thing. What gripes me is they do not seem to ever consider the fan such as when developing TV deals, putting games on TV channels that don't reach the entire viewing public. Personally I would love to help stabbed both groups in the pocketbooks by boycotting watching or going to games. But I just can't. My love is too deep. I have however boycotted their products. I'm sure my boycott will have little effect but makes me feel better.

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