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Just glanced through a really excellent Beatles bio, McCartney's 'Many Years From Now,' I read it in 2002. George was just 'the kid' to he and John, got the feeling they never took him all that seriously. Understandable I guess ... after all, Salieri wrote some nice compositions, though Mozart had no cause to take notice.

McCartney's book really gives insight into who he is ... modern-day Mozart or not, his ego/one upsman-ship is surprisingly out of control. Get this: He actually went to Yoko sometime in the 90s, and asked if he could change the songwriter credits on his songs to 'McCartney/Lennon.' I'm not sure which is more nuts, that he wanted to change the credit, or that he admitted to asking her (needless to say she said no). He spends much of the book going song by song - detailing his numerous contributions to John's songs, and disavowing any help on his.

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