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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Wow LABF..I'm impressed! Coltrane and just don't run into too many jazzbeards these days......Kudos to you sir! I also love ESP..great offering from the immortal Miles.

Ro...I don't run across many Leonard Cohen fans either...He's a very interesting guy IMO.

I wish they would come up with a definitive George Harrison career collection...ATMP is a classic no doubt, but I can get along without half of it's material and much of the Dark Horse catalog has sadly gone out of print (even though many were hit and miss affairs, when a single stuck).

and Buffalo Springfield...tragically overlooked these days...if anyone reading this doesn't know them, you should...get their three cd's won't be disappointed, that's a guarentee.
Agree all the way round, though a little Leonard Cohen goes a long way.

Harrison could definitely write a hook. Sad to say, his legal team's work on the 'He's So Fine/My Sweet Lord' lawsuit is taught in law schools as a cautionary tale ... moral of the story is to leave intellectual property law, or any specialized law, to the specialists. He got shafted.

Close credits from the movie 'The Pianist,' Chopin's Polonaise. Guy is crazy fluid.

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