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Originally Posted by mj1569 View Post
I am contemplating selling my season tickets for the upcoming season, if there is one. I have four tickets and will split them up into pairs if there is an interest. The tickets are located in section 121, row 12. The end seat is on the aisle. These are great tickets on the 30 yard line. I am not trying to make any money on the tickets, I just want to break even. The tickets are at face value plus the administrative of $5 they tack on to each season ticket. The cost is $1105 per season ticket. The tickets will be shipped in July when I receive them. The buyer (s) will also get the option to buy playoff tickets if the Broncos get in. I will also refund the buyer any money resulting in cancelled games. My 20th anniversary is coming up later this year and canít afford both. If you are interested send me a PM. Thanks.

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