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Originally Posted by baja View Post
If you had watched it you would not be asking these questions because all of them are answered there.
I asked for your discourse on it, not somebody else's.

Part of being a man in this world is standing up for yourself, speaking for yourself and not having other people speak for you.

You live in a remote region of the country generally uneffected by the notorious crime climate throughout the country (well documented, as many posters have pointed out time and time again), thus your view on safety and security in the nation is probably a little warped, and a little off.

Just like my view on crime and security living in Fargo is going to differentiate from someone who lives in inner-city Chicago who regularly gets to see rapes, murders and other hard crimes on their evening news blips.

It's all about experience.

You are trying to paint a rather abstract picture here making a rosey-picture on safety in Mexico, when that is hardly the case.
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