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Adam Gotsis

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Do you think it is only Mexicans that sneak into the USA?
Never said I did, but completely irrelevant to my post.

Sure Mexicans are a high percentage of illegals but that has a lot to do with location (neighboring border).
In other news...water is wet! On the other hand, it also borders with Guatemala & Belize. Why don't they go there? Oh wait, you answer that below...

The United States has the most economic opportunity of any country anywhere ever so of course other humans are going to try and become part of that incredible opportunity.
This is one "fact" I'll agree with you on. But it is still completely irrelevant to your assertion that Mexico is safer and having great improvements economically. Maybe it is, but going from ****-hole to just a urinal isn't enough.

As I said in my post above, we Americans will believe it when the flow through the border stops voluntarily.

If you ask Native Americans you are all here illegally.
I don't doubt some of them do. I also don't doubt that the Aztecs think you and the Mexican nationals are in Mexico illegally.
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