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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Again why is the idea of an improving Mexico so infuriating for some of you, that is the question you should be asking yourselves.
The idea of Mexico improving is something we all want. I'd love nothing more than to see people going back south to their families to solid paying jobs and lifestyles. Quite a few of them and their relatives still hold intense Mexican pride and don't give a **** about the USA, even though they're here taking advantage of payment that beats what they'd get back home. They're Mexicans through and through, and they deserve the ability to remain Mexicans in Mexico.

People aren't saying, "We hope Mexico stays a pile of **** and never progresses past anything other than a cesspool of corruption filled with a population that can't stop ****ing to save their own lives." You're trollish delusions that the country is actually something it isn't is what's filling this thread.

Did you know Vietnam is "progressing." Doesn't mean I'd want to live there. Did you know India has one of the largest economies in the world? How do you think a majority of the population lives (hint: poverty). Spouting gibberish and random numbers, and using a politician as your highpoint source is stupid as **** and has no basis with reality. Then again, I'd like to think you're not that stupid, hence why I think this is all troll fodder.
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