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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Well it seems important to most of you to paint Mexico as a real shiit hole. That is your privilege but it is not the reality. Mexico is the victim of bad press from the US and it's about money (tourist dollars) It's a shame so many of you are so easily deceived.

You are being manipulated into believing what your overlords want you to believe.

Do not kid yourselves Mexico is in great financial shape, growing and progressing every day. I wish I could say the same for the deeply in dept United States.

Many of you are in for a huge surprise some day soon I am sad to say.
It is a **** hole. That's why my ancestors ditched it in the late 1800's. There are two classes in Mexico. Rich as ****, and poor. The middle class is near non-existent.

You're a guy who worked his ass off for decades in the USA, probably saved well, and is now retired down in Mexico. Big difference in life style. Maybe if you actually knew what it was like to live as a Mexican in the common gutter that millions do, instead of the high-life, you'd get it.

I still have relatives down there. They don't live in remotely the same kind of "luxury" I do and they work hard. I only have one cousin who "made it," and he works overseas now for a ****ing Japanese corporation.

Growing and progressing? Well yeah it's growing, because they won't stop ****ing just like commonplace in other 2nd-3rd world countries. But progressing is laughable.

This entire thread seems like nothing but you trolling. Literally. This is just a troll thread in my eyes, with you egging everyone one to have some fun.

I'll agree on one thing though. The USA is not progressing at all, Bush and Obama + Congress have seen and continue to see to that.

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